Monday, November 23, 2009

Yamaha EZ-200 61 Full-Sized Touch Sensitive Lighted Keyboard Bundle

So lets open up the list of the best music gifts for the holidays and talk about a keyboard for your budding piano player. Amazon has some great deals this holiday season and this one is no exception. List price is well over $300 and this is going for nicely under $200.

The Yamaha EZ-200 61 is a full-sized touch sensitive lighted keyboard, this bundle includes a set of professional headphones, a keyboard stand, and the power supply. Amazon has less expensive models and other brands but this is a good place to start. I have a Yamaha electric piano at home and it has been great for years. Plus with the lighted keyboards it just leads you along in learning to play.

Here is a review from Amazon that says it all. "
For someone looking for instant gratification, this keyboard offers just that. Open the box, read the simple instructions and begin playing even classical pieces because the keyboard will tell you where to put your fingers exactly! From there you can memorize the piece yourself so you can play without needing the assistance. Great Idea"

Check out the Yamaha 61 at Amazon for the holidays

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