Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Visit with Carolyn Waters Obin

Join us on a personal visit with singer songwriter Carolyn Waters Obin as we learn about her, her music and the process of building her songs. Carolyn plays with fellow musicians, Chris Gerstner, Claude Galinsky, Charlie Koch and Charlotte Koch. The visit moves between a personal interview and a Saturday afternoon song session with her friends as she work on her songs, The Devil Inside, and You've Got to Change.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Guitar and Mandolin Chord Charts

I was at guitar camp a number of years ago, out on the porch, it was dark and hard to see the song that I had printed off the internet in my jam notebook. I had only started playing guitar and taking the lead on a song in a circle was a big deal. And then I couldn't read the page. It just fell apart. But it gave me the beginning of an idea, to reprint these song pages in nice big type so I can read them in the dark. And that lead me to a second idea, how about some charts for all those guitar or mandolin chords that could also be read in the dark or just easily at a glance.

In the beginning of learning to play the guitar I searched and searched for nice clear information on how to play. I printed out all kinds of pages from the web, most only had half or two thirds of the info I was looking for. Or it was three chords I needed and 35 I didn't. So over the last number of years I have been working on putting together some nice clear charts with the information I have been looking for and making it nice and big so I can read it at a glance.

Notebook Music Charts for Guitar and Mandolin Chord Charts is Completed,
Ready for Using

I am pleased to announce I have finally completed my basic guitar and mandolin charts for the major, minor and 7th chords. Along with a guitar chart of all seven major keys with the I, VI and V chord fingerings illustrated. Plus some blank music pages for guitar and mandolin with nice spaces between the lines, I hate those really squished music pages. Each of these will fit nicely into your guitar jam books, ready whenever you need them. As I complete more I will keep releasing them.

So look over on the right column and sign up and download a sample, mandolin, banjo, ukulele and guitar major key charts. Check out all our charts at

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Friday, October 10, 2008

PDF Guitar Chord Chart from Acoustic Music TV

Above is our new's Guitar Chord Chart. A nice simple to read chord chart with the 7 guitar major chords illustrated. Shows the basic Major, Minor and the 7th fingerings for each chord. This chart is perfect for your jam notebook. Take it with you everywhere. Also check out the mandolin chord charts and sheet music templates. Just sign up on the right.

You can learn more about our Music Charts at
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Free Chord Charts for Major Guitar Keys

Above is our new pdf jam book Guitar Chord key chart. Includes all 7 keys with I, IV,V and V7 chords with fingering for each key. To see more check out the free Quick Chord Chart for Guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele an Banjo over on the right. Part of the collection of chord and music chart from Essential Chords for Guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele and Banjo which includes major chords for guitar, mandolin, banjo and ukulele. Also check out the mandolin chord charts and blank sheet music pages. To learn more also check out

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