Marketing Your Music

Marketing your music has changed a lot in the past couple of years. We use have to attract a record company, try to get a recording contract, deal with agents and expensive recording studios, radio stations, travel out on the road and kinds of stuff.

That started to change as the internet grew in power. MySpace and YouTube came along and gave everyone a channel for promotion. Now we have added in Social Media, Facebook and iTunes. Record companies are starting to fade, and the power of the individual artist is growing. I am going to put together a series of posts on some of the simple techniques that you can use to help this process along.

How to Market Your Music Using Simple to Make Videos

Lets go simple.
1. Single picture or CD cover music video
2. Collection of pictures music video
3. Moody, walk around music videos
4. Lip Sync music videos
5. Concert videos

Have a Lyric Book to Go Along with Your Music CD

Almost free book production is here, Yea!!

Free World Wide Concerts and Broadcasts using and Google+

We live in an amazing time in that for almost no money at all we can broadcast performances around the planet. How cool is that.

Things to Do
Take pictures of the music creating process,  when you are in the recording studio, images that fit into your songs


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