Saturday, January 26, 2013

2 Finger Mandolin Chord Poster and Chart, Includes Fret Board

We are busy pulling together a collection of Two Finger Mandolin Chord videos to add to You can see one in a previous post, more coming. Would love any comments you might have. We also are releasing a new 2 Finger Mandolin chord chart to go along with it. The chart includes the Major, Minor and 7th Mandolin Chords for chords A-G also includes a Mandolin Fret Board. This chart is also available at as a poster. Please feel free to download this graphic for your personal use. You can check out the new videos over on

2 Finger Mandolin Chords chart plus Mandolin Fret board
Two Finger Mandolin Chords Chart, Includes Mandolin Fret Board

To see or buy this Mandolin chord chart at, click here.

To see the How to play the Two Finger "A" Chord Mandolin Video, click here


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