Sunday, December 20, 2009

3 Guitars, Acoustic, Electric, and Bass Guitars Products • NEW

New design based on the 3 Guitars layout, includes an Acoustic, Electric and Bass Guitar.  Keeps you playing all day with a clock, or t-shirt, note book, or fridge magnet. Check out all the new items at our CafePress store.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

3 Guitars, Acoustic, Electric, and Bass Guitars Tote Bag

Announcing new 3 and 2 Guitar T-shirts and Tote bags. The bags have images of Acoustic, Electric and Bass Guitars on them. The 2 Guitar has just the electric guitars. The totes are great for carrying all your music to your jams and practice sessions.

Check them all out in our CafePress Acoustic Music TV store
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3 Guitars, Acoustic, Electric, and Bass Guitars Shirts and Tote Bag

New T-shirts, bags and gifts from Acoustic Music TV. Left is our new 3 Guitar shirt, including an Acoustic, an Electric and a Bass guitar.

You can check out all the cool new items at our CafePress shop, click here

Monday, December 7, 2009

Guitar and Banjo Chord Fingering Charts Tote Bags

Along with the Mandolin and Ukulele Chord Fingering Chart tote bags, we also have some cool Guitar and Banjo bags. These are great for carrying your music or maybe food to the next gig. And are a great reference for when you can't quite remember what the guitar or banjo chords look like. For Guitar we have the basics with the major, minor and seventh chords, and the major keys A-G with their matching 1, 4, 5, and 5th/7 chords. Along with the guitar we also have Banjo fingering chord charts for both G and D tunings. The quality is great, nice and roomy and on the outside is all the information you will need to keep playing.

Click here to check out all the new items at our Acoustic Music TV shop and thank you.

Guitar and Mandolin Seven Major Chords Tote Bags

Always searching around for the right chord to play. These new Guitar and Mandolin Major Seven Chord tote bags get you off to a great start. Each bag has the Major A-G chord fingering, an illustration and pick. They hold a lot and are the perfect companion on your next gig or trip to the store.

Here is the link to our Cafepress store to pick up one today, Acoustic Music TV Store

New Guitar and Mandolin T-Shirts

I have been working hard on developing several new designs for our t-shirts and tote bags. Did these up today, above are two shirts with the Mandolin and Guitar 7 Major Chord design with an illustration and pick.

You can check them out at this Cafepress link, Acoustic Music TV shop

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Mandolin and Guitar Chord Chart T-Shirts

Along with our tote bags, which are great for carrying all your sheet music and favorite songs to your next jam are our new T-shirts with chord fingering charts. How is that chord again, oh wait here it is right on my shirt. Just look down and there you are. These are the value shirts from Cafepress, so the quality is great and the fit very comfortable. Check them out at the CafePress Acoustic Music TV shop

We have a nice selection of chord Fingering Charts T-Shirts:
• Guitar Basic Chords
• Mandolin Basic Chords
• Banjo D Tunings Chords
• Banjo G Tunings Chords
• Ukulele Basic Chords

Click here to check them all out at our AMTV Products Store.

Mandolin Chord Fingering Chart Tote Bags

Brand new for the holidays, we have taken our very popular mandolin chord fingering charts and dropped them on to our tote bags. Our mandolin charts are some of our most popular free download pdf files. Well now they can now go with you where ever you travel and are ready for a handy reference or the perfect gift for that new mando player. These sturdy bags are great for carrying all your music.

Click here and check them out at our Cafepress Acoustic Music TV store.

We also have lots of other new chord fingering chart tote bags, including,
• Mandolin 2 Finger Chart Tote Bag
• Mandolin A-G Keys with the 1, 4, 5 Chords Tote Bag
• Ukulele Basic Chords Tote Bag
• Ukulele A-G Keys with the 1, 4, 5 Chords Tote Bag
Check them all out at Cafepress Acoustic Music TV Store