Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fender Starcaster Electric Guitar Pack with Amp and Accessories, Candy Apple Red

Ok so we can't ignore the electric guitars, remember we are acoustic and acoustic is sound and well here we are. Just saying Fender Starcaster gets the juices going, and candy apple red well, what more do you want except for the screaming fans.

This is a great package on Amazon, you got the Strat with great sound, a cool little Squier SP-1- amp and all the accessories. The cable, tuner, gig bag, stand, strap, picks and a instructional DVD to get every player going. Did we say candy apple red. This is a great beginner package, perfect for the teen student getting into playing the guitar.

Lots of great reviews on Amazon with comments like, "As a beginning guitarist, I think the product is excellent. The little amp seems to have a lot of volume and good tone, and the guitar is very well made from what I can tell. It sounds good, feels good, and plays very well." and "One final note, the guitar not only sounds great, it looks beautiful as well. The candy-apple red color is rich and deep (slightly darker than the picture), and the finish has no flaws at all."

Check out all the details at Amazon on this cool electric guitar

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