Thursday, November 26, 2009

Saga Appalachian Mandolin, with Gig Bag

When I look at my blog stats and see what people comment about the biggest area, other than all the amazing comments on the Clay Aiken's holiday CD, is on Mandolins. People love our Mandolin chord charts and download them all the time. So for this post I have put up a nice starter mandolin kit, a decent, mid price A-style body shape mandolin, all Maple construction, Rosewood fingerboard, adjustable strap, two picks, gig bag and tuner, plus an instructional dvd. A great place to start. The dvd is from Homespun instructional tapes and dvd, a long time respected place for lessons. I have many of their dvds.

The only change I might make is to add a electronic tuner, a little easier than the pitch pipe, check out our post on the IMT 500 tuner from September, something like works well. There were also some nice reviews on this instrument, like this one "Seems like a good beginner mandolin. I had to put better strings on it first thing, but other than that i've been very happy with it." The other reviews also mentioned about the strings, so I would pick up a set, they are all under $10. I like the Martin Mandolin strings or the D'Addario strings, Amazon carries the D'Addario.

To learn more check out the link below to Amazon

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