Monday, April 27, 2009

Movable Soloing Scale for Folk or Country Music, Any Key

This chart shows a Major Movable Soloing Scale for Folk or Country Music for any key. Great for playing soloing notes over a song while someone else is playing or you can use it to add accent notes to your own playing.

This pattern is used for playing guitar solos for folk and country songs. It is a movable pattern because all of the strings are closed and it can be used for any key. Starting on the 6th string locate the note that matches the key you are playing in. You can now play this pattern or parts of it over any of the chords of the key and it should sound pretty good, i.e. key of C starts on the C note at the 8th fret on the 6th string, key of A would start at the 5th fret. For the key of G some of the notes use the guitar nut or are open strings.

I find that the higher notes on strings 1 and 2 stand out better because of the pitch but all of them work.

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