Thursday, April 16, 2009

2 Finger Movable Chord I, IV, V Progression Chart

Using our 2 Finger Mandolin Progression Chart you can play the basic I, IV, V Chord progression in any key with Major, Minor and the 7th Chord. Simple to figure out and use. This chart also shows you how the progressions fit together. This allows you to mix and match and give your music color and life. You just need to identify the root chord for the key on the fret board and you can move up or down. Each chord can be found in several places.

On a personal note, thank you for all the kind messages and notes we have been getting from blog viewers about our charts, they are very nice. I have worked on figuring these charts out starting 10 years when I started learning Guitar and then moved to Mandolin with a side trip to Ukulele. I have put a real push on the the last years and then a big push in the last two months to get them finished. With a big thanks to my friend Bo who suggested "hey how about adding color to make them better". So thank you all and I have a few more coming, but at the moment I am working on filling in the download pages with some of my favorite products.

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