Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mandolin Charts for Each Chord

Mandolin full fingering chart for each chord, Major, Minor and Seventh. Also includes a mandolin fret board with notes marked. The mandolin has seemed to just grow and grow in popularity over the last few years. It is a fun instrument to play and on of the most requested of our chord charts. It is great instrument to accompany others with and I find no one asks you to lead a song in a jam circle because the guitar players can't figure out what chords you are playing. Which is great for those of us who have memorized 4 million songs. How do they do it?

We have three more Mandolin charts to go up in the next few days so keep watching. This is one of the set of Essential Chords for Guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele and Banjo, Music Chart designed for carrying in your music jam book. To get your free pdf chord sampler sign up on the form in the upper right hand corner. We also now have actually real copies you can buy, check out the column to the right.

You can play the blues on any instrument and the mandolin is no exception. To learn more check out Mandolin Blues: From Memphis to Maxwell Street, available on Amazon, (affiliate link)
Mandolin Blues: From Memphis to Maxwell Street 

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