Sunday, April 19, 2009

Learn How to Play the Minor Guitar Chords

The second video in our series on Learning Chords for the Guitar. This video is on how to play the Minor Guitar Chords, Am, Bm, Cm, Dm, Em, Fm, and Gm. Each chord is explained with two video views and a finger chart.

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Essential Chords, Guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele and Banjo: Chord Fingering Charts for the Major, Minor, and Seventh Chords, Keys, Barre Chords, Arpeggio ... Scales, Blank Chord Boxes and Sheet Music

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Angie said...

its really cool, thanks for the information by the way. I learned so many things from it. This is also good to those who want to learn how to play guitar.

There are still other way to enjoy learning on how to play guitar, there are books and other music materials such as music instructional dvds and just like this instructional videos.