Sunday, September 25, 2011

New Double C Tuning Chart for 5 String Banjo

Here is the last of the new banjo chord charts, this rounds out a collection of five tuning charts for the banjo. D, G, A, C-Standard, and Double C. These will be a great addition to the revised edition of Essential Chords coming out soon. Every chart in the book will now also have a matching Key chart, highlighting the I, IV, V and V7 chords. Along with an expanded page size and some other tweaks it should make for a great update. Here is the Double C banjo chart
5 String Banjo Chord Chart for Double C Tunings, g C G C D. As always we love comments and suggestions. Make sure you are signed up in our mailing list so you can get the details of when it releases. We will be offering a special gift with each book. And just a hint, once this book is done we will be working on a version for left handed players. A little late getting it out but it is coming.

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