Sunday, December 5, 2010

Acoustic Music TV Gift Products Video

Video for our Acoustic Music TV Gift and Products Store. We have all kinds of cool items for the holidays using the designs and artwork from our Notebook Music Chords and Charts book.

Design include: Acoustic Music TV Designs, 3 Guitars, Mandolin Banjo violin, 3 Electric Guitars, Guitar 7 Major Chords, Mandolin 7 Major Chords, Ukulele 7 Major Chords, String Instruments-Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin, Fiddle/Violin, Ukulele, Retro Microphones, Singing with Microphones

Products include: t-shirts, v-neck t-shirt, long sleeve t-shirts, men and women, fitted t-shirts, toddler t-shirt, sweatshirt, boxes shorts, thong underwear, mouse pad, electric wall clock, journal, throw pillows, keepsake box, framed tile, mug, large mug, apron, Sigg water bottle, dog t-shirt, pet bowl, magnets, calendar, tote bag, messenger bag, gym bag, beach bag

You can see all the products at

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