Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mike Marshall's Mandolin Fundamentals on DVD

One of today's great mandolin players, Mike Marshall, has a new two DVD set for beginners to experienced mandolin players. In his DVD set he takes you through proper techniques, problem solving and exercise regimen. He begins with the basics, holding the instrument, correct posture, how to eliminate tension by having the proper hand and pick positions. Using Mike's Fingerbuster exercises you can build your physical abilities while getting command of the mandolin fingerboard. With exercises on scales, chord shapes and arpeggios you will learn to visualize the mandolin fretboard and improve your overall playing ability.
Published by Homespun, Directed by Happy Traum

To learn more details click on the link below.
Mike Marshall's Mandolin Fundamentals For All Players #1-Building Technique Through Exercises and Melodic Studies

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