Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tuner for your IPhone

Well this looks like a cool thing to check out. It is an instrument tuning app for your iPhone. It is called Guitar Toolkit and uses the iPhone's built in microphone. It is a chromatic tuner, a metronome, has a chord section and a scale section. You can tune almost any musical instrument, so great for calling in your band members and getting them all in tune.

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Keep Your Guitar, Mandolin and Fiddle in Tune with the IMT500

Not the easiest name but a great little tuner that always causes other players to go, "What kind of tuner is that, that is really cool looking." The Intelli IMT-500 clip on chromatic tuner that works with electric and acoustic guitars, basses, violins, banjos, mandolins, all without the use of wires, microphones or pickups. Tuning in noisy environments is a easy because the unique, flexible clamp actually "feels" the instrument's vibrational energy instead of relying on sound. And, the swivel allows a perfect view of the back lit display. The best part is that this amazing quality tuner costs a fraction of what other similar tuners cost. It works great and keeps you in tune.

This music tuner was tied for number two in popularity on our list of Back to School music items. To learn more click on the Amazon link below.
Intelli IMT-500 clip on chromatic tuner

Friday, September 4, 2009

Gig Bag Book of Picture Chords for Guitarists

Another in the popular Gig Bag Book series, Gig Bag Book of Picture Chords for Guitarists also got a lot of interest on our Back to School Gift List. This book is packed with information, it fits in your case and has a comb-bound binding so it lays flat. With over 1,000 standard chord forms in easy-to-read diagrams and close-up photos this is an excellent reference for the student or the experienced player.

To learn more or pick up a copy click on the Amazon link below.
Gig Bag Book of Picture Chords for Guitarists

Mandolin Gig Chord Book

We have been pulling together our Back to School List and this book pops as a favorite, The Gig Bag Book of Mandolin Chords. This book has over a 1,100 chords presented in standard notation and diagrams illustrating fingering, inversion and scale degrees. For the common chords several different positions are given. This book pops up all the time when I am at gigs. Also fits great in your case with its tall skinny size, about 11.5" x 5".

To learn more click on the Amazon link below.
The Gig Bag Book of Mandolin Chords

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back to School Gift Suggestions for 2009

Bruce here from Acoustic Music TV, thank you all for your support and hope you have enjoyed our chord charts. Well we have made it to September and the temperatures are starting to go down and the students are heading back to school.

I was trolling around on Amazon and came across a great list of popular music items and thought that some of these would make great presents for the back to school student. So I went through it and pulled out some instrument tuners, a music stand, the Snowball USB mic and even a harmonica. Also whenever I go to a jam someone is always pulling out one of those skinny gig chord books if they aren't using our charts so I put in a number of those too.

I put them all on a page on our Music Chord Chart site,
so give them a look if you get a chance, here is the link:

Thank you again and let me know what are some of your favorite music item for gifts. We are working on some gift pages for this year's holidays and would love to make sure we highlight some great items.